Transformational Learning For Children

Transformational — Fit Learning Factari is an affiliate lab of Fit Learning (, and is now open in three new locations: 1) Lincoln, Ne 2) Kansas City, MO 3) Orlando, FL. The Fit Learning Method focuses on the core foundational skills in reading, comprehension, math, writing, and thinking. Using a combination of applied behavior analysis, precision teaching, relational frame theory, direct instruction, and curriculum-based measurement, students build fluency and gain mastery at a faster rate than traditional tutoring methods. This can result in overall improved memory and confidence. Our evidence-based approach has been proven to be effective with children 3-18 yrs. of age who struggle with delayed learning, dyslexia, ADHD, and those seeking academic acceleration.

Our methodology is currently the only one of its kind to combine the most-highly researched and proven methods into one comprehensive, instructional approach.
The result is a profoundly transformative process that consistently produces 1-2 year’s worth of growth in 40 hours of instruction.
The Fit Learning Method™ trains your child to fluency, which is: rapid processing speed and accuracy, and a measure of true mastery or proficiency. This form of “cognitive fitness training” produces improved memory, heightened confidence, increased resistance to distractions and fatigue, and the ability to quickly and effortlessly learn new things.
All Fit Learning™ sessions resemble a sport, where your child participates in fast-paced, goal-oriented, one-on-one interactions with a Fit Learning Coach.
Each child’s learning program is customised, and based on the results of the Fit Learning™ Comprehensive Skills Assessment. This Assessment identifies your child’s current level of fluency on a range of essential, core skills that are prerequisites to long-term academic success.